Why should I incorporate?

Why Should I Incorporate?

Incorporating is an important step to providing you and your business with more security. It can even help you save money. The benefits are compelling, so why put if off? Don't wait: here are seven reasons you should incorporate today.

Protect personal assets.

The limited liability feature of corporations offers protection for your personal assets. Why worry about losing your home or family savings, in the event of a business reversal or lawsuit? As a busy entrepreneur, you have too many other things to think about.

Increase tax savings.

Take advantage of tax saving opportunities not available to sole proprietors and partnerships. You can decrease your corporation's taxable income by offering benefits to your employees, such as pensions and profit sharing. Medical, life and disability insurance premiums are completely tax deductible.

Raise capital.

A corporation can raise money through the sale or issuance of stock, bonds or other securities.

Ensure continuity.

If an owner of a corporation dies, the “perpetual existence” feature of corporations allows stock ownership to be quickly transferred, thereby allowing your company to continue operating without interruption.

Simplify estate and family planning.

Shares of a corporation or LLC can be readily distributed to family members following your estate or business succession plan.

Enjoy corporate discounts.

The retail, hospitality and banking industries all value corporate accounts and offer attractive discounts to secure your business.

It's easy.

Forming a corporation or LLC is easy, and it takes less than 30 minutes to place your order. Call us at 1-800-441-5940 or place your order online now.
We hope we've inspired you to take action! Here's what you need to get started.