State-Specific Filing Information

Use the form below to learn the initial and annual requirements for forming and maintaining a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) in the state of your choice.

Form your new Corporation in Delaware

Below is a list of the initial and ongoing requirements to form and maintain an incorporation in Delaware.

Initial Filing Requirements:

State Filing Fee

The minimum filing fee in the state of Delaware is $89.00. If you would like to compare this to other states filing fees, click here.

Corporate Name Identifiers:

The name that you choose for a Delaware corporation must be distinguishable from any other registered or authorized Delaware business entity and any reserved names on record. The name of the corporation must contain one of the following words as a corporate identifier:

Association, "Company", "Corporation", "Club", "Foundation", "Fund", "Incorporated", "Institute", "Society", "Union", "Syndicate", "Limited" or the abbreviation "Co.", "Corp.", "Inc.", "Ltd." or words or abbreviations of like import in other languages

Specific Purpose Requirements

Delaware does not require a specific purpose to be listed in the Certificate of Incorporation.


Delaware has the following director requirements for a corporation.
Number of directors required:
One or more
Residence requirements:
No Requirement
Age requirements:
No Age Requirement

Directors are not required to be listed in the Articles / Certificate of Incorporation.


Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are not required to be listed in the articles / certificate of incorporation.

Stock Information

The standard number of authorized shares in Delaware is 1500 shares, with no-par value. An increase in the number of authorized shares or par value may affect the initial filing fees.

Annual Filing Requirements:

There is an Annual Report that must be received by the state of Delaware no later than March 1st. The fee for this filing is: a minimum of $225

Forms and payment, as required, should be sent to:

The State of Delaware requires all Annual Reports to be filed online.


For more information on taxes, visit the State of Delaware Tax Information Website.

S Corporation

S Corporation status is recognized by the State of Delaware. A state election, separate from the federal election, is not required.

License Requirements

Delaware requires most businesses to obtain a business license and pay a fee if operating in the state. Please check with the state to make sure your business is complying with the licence requirements for your particular profession.

Special Requirements (if any)


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