Incorporation Kits

Traditional Kits

Traditional Kits come in a binder format and include customizable operating agreements or bylaws on a CD, 20 customized stock or membership certificates, a stock or membership transfer ledger, sample meeting minutes and resolutions as well as a corporate embossing seal guaranteed for life.

  • Premier Compliance Kit & Seal - $95.00

    Comes with a professional padded zipper case so you can easily travel with your company documents and a custom plate is engraved with your company name.

  • Standard Compliance Kit & Seal - $80.00

    Comes with a professional binder and a quality slipcase, customized with your company name on the side of the binder.

Alternate Kit Options

These kit options are designed for the business person who prefers a smaller less bulky kit version. They are ideal for shipping overseas or for clients who like to have their corporate documents with them at all times. Both options include sample meeting minutes and resolutions as well as a customized operating agreement or bylaws, stock or membership agreements and a stock or membership transfer ledger. Please note that these options do not include the embossing corporate seal or forms disk.

  • EZ Snap Kit - $75.00

    This kit is ideal for clients who are interested in a slimmer version for easier transportation and shipping. The EZ Snap Kit Includes heavy duty Pajco coverset, snap-lock spine mechanism, 20 custom gold wafer seals, 10 certificates, 6 tabs, transfer ledger, and bylaws/operating agreement.

  • Electronic Kit - $70.00

    This kit is delivered electronically to clients who require the ease of printing required documents at home. Included in the kit are: printing instructions, customized by-Laws or operating agreement, 20 certificates, a basic seal, as well as stock or member ledger.