UCC Search and Filing Services

American Incorporators can help you search for UCC filings in all 50 states. We provide a listing of all filings on record with the state selected. Additionally clients may purchase copies of these filings and/or file their own UCC Financing Statements with the relevant authorities.


UCC Search

American Incorporators provides search results for UCC-1 Financing Statements, continuations, amendments, terminations and releases. This allows our clients access to public records they need to make accurate lending decisions.

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UCC Filings

American Incorporators provides UCC Filings services to banks, lawyers and others in all 50 states. We assist in filing liens, UCC-1 financing statements and/or UCC-3 continuations, amendments, releases or terminations

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UCC Copies

American Incorporators can retrieve copies of single UCC filings or an entire list. We can order plain copies or certified copies depending on client needs.

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Certified Copy of Corporate Documents

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